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Our Story

The Luminus Story


Diamonds are believed to have first been discovered as early as the fourth century BC. In those ancient times, it was thought that diamonds were actually fragments of shooting stars; pieces of pure starlight that had been sent to Earth by the Gods.


As our ancestors gazed up at the night sky, awed by the millions of lights above them, in all their unique shapes and sizes, they imagined the kingdom of heaven as best as they could, as beautiful, magnificent, and luminescent as a diamond. This is the inspiration for the Luminus range. Luminus diamonds are handcrafted to perfection, ensuring that each and every beam of light entering the diamond is captured and reflected in the most stunning fashion.


A Luminus diamond’s beauty is timeless, and always worn with a sense of uplifting pride and joy. Once you own a Luminus diamond, it will be more than just a piece of jewellery.


The constellations of the night sky are born from our imagination. We look at the stars, connect the dots, draw the lines between them, and imagine the most incredible figures and objects. Just as each of us have our own understanding of our favourite constellation; the Luminus range of diamonds has three unique interpretations of the most beautiful way to shape a diamond.


The Luminus range of diamonds has three individual shapes – Cushion, Radiant, and Round. This range has a reinterpreted facet design that has thereby produced unique diamonds of exceptional cut.

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